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Real Savings for Your Employees

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  • Local & National Discounts

    Attract, engage, and retain top talent with the deepest discounts and no hidden fees

  • Stretch Payroll Dollars By $4,500+ across 10,000+ cities

    Unlock benefits for all your people with savings across more than 10,000 cities

  • Complete Branding & Content Controls, and Reporting

    Personalize your employee perks program with custom content, track performance, and more!

Corporate Perks

Hi, I’m Missy!

As the V.P. of Client Sales here at Abenity, I’ve been helping employers tackle money stress in the lives of their people for nearly ten years! I’d love to learn more about your goals to see how we can help with your employee perks!

Missy Dunn, Director of Sales

About half of the workforce in the United States is dealing with financial stress, leading to $500 billion in lost productivity costs for employers.

- 2020 Forbes Article, Crisis: Worker Financial Stress Costs Employers Billions Of Dollars Annually

Feb 03 Ya boi Yung E


Five Star Rating

This is cool for the reason that you could set it up to where you're just driving and you're constantly getting updates on what's around you. Found some awesome foods and specials. I'd recommend trying it once at least.

April 21 Latigo in Texas

Phenomenally resourceful app

Five Star Rating

This is one of the most effective time and money-saving apps I have ever encountered in almost 30 years in the technical industry. Practically anything I'd want or need is here. Abenity is now my first choice, one stop shopping app. Keep up the great work!

Aug 08 Skyesmommy10

Awesome deals!!!

Five Star Rating

So many deals and great options available! I love that all these discounts are put in one place and the feature of giving you deals when you're nearby and alerting you! It's great.

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Supplement Your Benefits with an Employee Perks Program

Help your employees stretch their hard-earned payroll dollars with exclusive access to private discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, oil changes, car rentals, and hotels!

Bill, Human Resources at U.S. Bank

Bill, Human Resources at U.S. Bank

~ 70,000 employees

Abenity’s focus on local offers, paired with their location-aware technology makes it easy for our employees to access corporate discounts in their own communities.

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  • 1M+ Redemption Locations
  • Show & Save Mobile Coupons
  • Direct Pricing With No Hidden Fees
  • Top Rated App for iPhone & Android
  • Branded Platform, eTickets, & Coupons
  • Member Engagement Emails
    (New, Seasonal, & Limited Time Offers)
  • Custom Title, Tagline, & Welcome Message
  • Add Your Own Return Link & Featured Offers
  • Back Office Marketing Gallery, Branding Controls, & Member Management Tools
  • Merchant Nomination Form
  • Flexible Enrollment Options
    (Voluntary, Single Sign On, or Member Import)
  • Savings Calculator & Getting Started Videos
  • 24 / 7 Member Support
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  • No Participation Minimums
  • No Per Member Access Fees
  • No Complex Point Schemes
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Hidden Ticketing Fees
  • No Insurance Requirements
  • No Fees to Your Merchants

Enjoy private offers and corporate rates from top brands including:

Costco Wholesale
Six Flags
Papa Johns
Office Depot and Office Max
Firestone Complete Autocare
Jiffy Lube
Disneyland Resort

You’re In Good Company

Employee Perks Programs

Over $4,500 In Per Member Savings

Abenity helps you increase your employee’s spendable income with discounts that offer more than $4,500 in total savings. It’s like giving out a global pay raise, without the expense of an annual salary increase.

And that’s a big deal, when you consider that nearly 50% of our nation’s workforce is worried about their personal finances! Statistically, that means nearly half of your group is stressed about money, right now, and that financial stress costs employers over $500 billion annually in lost productivity. And, even though it’s crucial, finding reliable ways to save money is stressful. With little merchant accountability, your people spend too much time shopping around, their privacy is unnecessarily vulnerable, and they’re rarely getting a good deal.

That’s where Abenity comes in. For over a decade, Abenity’s employee discount programs have been providing millions of members with real savings they can count on. Our group subscriptions bring transparency in a murky marketplace with strong merchant accountability, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, and private employee discounts on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, oil changes, car rentals and hotels.

Abenity’s direct-to-member pricing cuts out those pesky middleman fees to bring you the deepest employee discounts in our industry and digital product delivery to more than 350 theme parks, attractions, and movie theaters. Download our Perks Report for a side-by-side savings comparison next to other providers including AAA and AARP.

With over $4,500 in per member savings and more than a million redemption locations, you’ll always have a reason to Celebrate Your Savings!

Complete Content Controls

With over 40 branding options and complete content controls, our managed services approach to perks provides groups with everything they need to build the perfect program without the headaches of ongoing merchant management, enrollment, or technology development.

Attract, Engage, and Retain Top Talent

Work life programs, like Abenity, play an integral role within your organization’s total compensation and rewards package. With savings across more than 10,000 cities, Abenity’s employee discounts have the ability to reach your employees wherever they are; at work, home, or on the go! Employee perks and discount programs help deepen your corporate loyalty by providing personal savings, local connections, and meaningful family experiences for your people. And, when times get tough, and performance incentives and raises are difficult to come by, perks like Abenity become even more valuable to both your organization and your employees.

At the end of the day, perks are about people. So whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we’re here to provide real savings for the people counting on you.

Transparent Pricing Icon

Transparent Pricing

We know your members are savvy shoppers, so you won’t find complicated points schemes, surprise taxes and fees or marketing gimmicks in our program.

Flexible Branding Icon

Flexible Branding Options

Engagement matters, that’s why we feature your logo on our eTickers, in-store coupons, monthly newsletters and your very own mobile app icon!

Mobile Access Icon

Easy Mobile Access

Use our top rated mobile app or your web browser for quick access to savings at work, home, or on the go.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Abenity has saved a lot of valuable time for our HR department by managing our discount program and making sure the information is updated. New discounts are added frequently, which is a big plus for our team members. In this troubled economy, every little bit that we can save our team members is a big help to them.

Pati Caldwell, HR Manager in Neptune, NJ with 10,000 employees

Abenity has taken our company's Perk & Discount Program off of my desk and given me back the time to focus on other issues. The Abenity program was very easy to implement for our 4,000+ employees and is the best value benefit that we offer. The employees love it, especially in this economy, and view it as a great employee incentive and reward.

Joan Cook, Director, Benefits/HRIS in Nashville, TN with 5,000 employees

Abenity helped provide us with a low cost benefit to offer to our employees during a tough economic period. The Abenity employee discount program provides a lot of value to our employees and was SOOOO easy to implement. Abenity has also saved our HR department a lot of time as we are no longer responsible for managing multiple discount programs and merchant listings. In addition to the value it provides to our organization, the Abenity discounts provide relevant offers for everyone.” We get the most positive feedback about the discounts that Abenity has secured on grocery coupons, with Costco and Firestone, and on vacation packages. We love it!

Nancy Griffith, Human Resources Director in Naples, FL with 400 employees

We have been using the Abenity program for over a year and it has helped us to centralize all of the discounts that we have in place for our team members. We were able to incorporate all 40 of the existing discounts that we had in place within the Abenity program without a fee to our merchants. Additionally, Abenity's discount directory provided our Team Members with access to a couple hundred local discounts and thousands of national discounts. Our team members love that we provide them with a one-stop shop for discounts and our HR team loves how easy it is to provide to them.

Wendy Edelson, Director, Human Resources in Neptune, NJ with 10,000 team members

Abenity has allowed us to offer a wider variety of discounts while alleviating the time-consuming work that is required to manage an in-house discount program. Furthermore, it would be impossible to coordinate a discount program of Abenity's magnitude internally. Abenity provided us with all of the implementation tools that we needed to make the program easy to launch to our employees and everything that was promised by Abenity was delivered within our timeframe. Abenity is an affordable alternative to the internally managed program that we were offering and the value we can now offer to our associates is unprecedented.

Julie A. Morgan, Human Resources in Nashville, TN with 800 employees

I wish everything was as easy to implement as our Abenity employee discount program. We are thrilled that so many of our employees have taken advantage of the great discount offers and it feels good knowing that coast to coast, all of our employees have access to the same variety of wonderful discounts.

Andrea Rosenthal, Manager, Business & Employee Communications in San Francisco, CA with 2,200 employees

Common Questions

  • Abenity’s savings network is comprised of three distinct categories: the Abenity Store, private offers, and great deals.

    The Abenity Store is fully managed by Abenity and exclusively available to members with no hidden fees! We directly carry eTickets to popular theme parks, movie theaters, and attractions at prices you can’t access anywhere else. In fact, in 2019 our members saved an average of $30.85 per Abenity Store order!

    Our local and national merchant team manages a portfolio of private offers that we’ve negotiated for our members across over 1,000 corporate partners and brands. These partnerships provide our members with over 1MM+ redemption locations across 10,000 cities in the United States and Canada and are redeemable in a variety of ways (online with a direct link or coupon code, in-store with a printable or mobile coupon, or by phone). These corporate rates are considered extremely private and must be protected within our gated marketplace.

    When it comes to finding great deals, we know there’s no shortage of online offers, but in our experience, these coupon sites are hard to navigate and their coupon codes often don’t work or are out of date. Additionally, many top brands only publish one offer globally at a time.

    It’s our belief that great perks are made up of offers that deliver both savings and convenience for our members. As a result, you’ll find some offers within our program that offer your members a great deal of value. If these offers are publicly available on the internet, then you’ll see them labeled with our “Deal Icon.” If you’d prefer for us to hide these public deals from your program, then just let us know, and we’ll turn them off for you.

    For a side-by-side look at how our offers compare to our industry, including AAA and AARP, please download our Perks Report.

  • Abenity’s savings network covers over 100 retail, travel, and entertainment categories and includes over a million redemption locations across 10,000 cities in the United States and Canada. We’ve created the following graphic to illustrate our network.

    Hotels, resorts, restaurants Icon

    Hotels, resorts, & rentals worldwide 1M+

    Concerts & live events Icon

    Concerts & live events 65,000+

    Pharmacies Icon

    Pharmacies 68,000+

    Restaurants Icon

    Restaurants 30,000+

    Car rental locations Icon

    Car rental locations 15,000+

    Certified dealerships Icon

    Certified dealerships 16,500+

    Local florists globally Icon

    Local florists globally 20,000+

    Theme parks, attractions, tours Icon

    Theme parks, attractions, tours 500+

    Offers in Canada Icon

    Offers in Canada 170+

    Fitness centers Icon

    Fitness centers 10,000+

    Movie theaters Icon

    Movie theaters 2,500+

    Ski resorts Icon

    Ski resorts 60+

    Childcare facilities Icon

    Childcare facilities 300+

    Automotive service centers Icon

    Automotive service centers 4,200+

    Brand name retailers Icon

    Brand name retailers 250+

    Tax prep locations Icon

    Tax prep locations 11,000+

    Realtors Icon

    Realtors 70,000+

    Extreme experiences Icon

    Extreme experiences 600+

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It’s time to tackle money stress in the lives of your employees with real savings and complete content control.

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